The English Regents is now in January


Andrew Lee, Reporter

On January 22, 2018 at 8 am, head proctor Mrs.Whalen said the five words that kids all despise, “You may begin the test.” At Bethpage High School, AP English Language students took 1 of the 2 major exams of the year for 11th graders.

The only English regents that has to be taken, known as the Comprehensive Examination in English, tests all 11th graders in Bethpage High School. The most recent one was this January, where all kids in AP English Language Arts and Composition had to take it. The school typically administers all regents exams in June, but decided to give the English regents a try in January for AP students.  Under the teachings and advice of Mrs.Whalen or Mr. Malossi, this test ultimately seemed like a piece of cake.

Andrew Tarabokija, an 11th grade student that took the January English regents described the event by saying, “At first I felt nervous, but after seeing it, I knew I could do well. It was easier than I expected due to the preparation that Mrs.Whalen gave us.”

Kids have three hours to accomplish the task of three reading comprehension texts with multiple choice, as well as composing an argumentative essay and a rhetorical analysis essay. Seems kinda rough to do under that time given right? But actually, for this test it feels as if time is on your side. A good amount of kids were in fact done by the two hour mark and left early.

Brandon Bestany, another student that took the exam, explained his test taking experience by saying how, “With all the prepping we did in class, the test was actually not as bad as I thought. I was able to finish with quite some time left.”

Overall, the Comprehensive Examination in English exam is not something to be losing sleep over. As teachers help you to get comfortable with the format and the material of the test, it becomes as if you are taking just a regular examination.  Despite moving the test earlier, students still did not seem troubled by it.