We Need New Spirit

We Need New Spirit

During spirit week, all students can come out of their comfort zones and go all-out by boldly displaying their school pride. Unfortunately, many students at Bethpage High School no longer feel motivated enough to participate in a week intended to bring the school together. Spirit week lets us show our school spirit and pride about our favorite teams or simply show up in our pajamas, but most of the school does not show their support because they feel it’s “not fun anymore,” as an anonymous BHS junior said.  Since students don’t feel inclined to engage in Spirit Week, we have decided to come together to brainstorm different ideas to excite the students here to participate in all or most of the days.


We, a community of juniors, have recently spoken about this special event and want to bring about change: how should we, the school, do spirit week? The Eagle’s Cry spoke with students in the school about their opinion on spirit week. We’ve come up with different ideas of new types of ways to spice things up a bit. In the years prior to this one, spirit day was considered “uninteresting,” quoted from a student here at BHS.


Another student, a senior who wished to remain anonymous, continued, “Nobody participates in Spirit Week because it’s not fun. When I see others dressing up or enthusiastic about a day, then I’ll dress up.”


Certain days included Jersey Day or Sports Day, Pajama Day, Twin Day and others. The team and us all discussed about new days that can substitute the former Spirit Week days we have had in the past. These new ideas include:


  • Time Travel Day: students dress up like they’re from different historical times.
  • Tourist Day: students dress up like world tourists. Ex: Safari
  • Dress Like a Teacher Day: students dress up as teachers they look up to
  • Role Model Day: students dress up like their favorite role model
  • Formal Day: students dress up in nice clothes for a day
  • Beach/Hawaiian Day: students dress up as beach bums
  • 90’s/80’s Day: students dress like kids from these long-ago decades


We further hope to try and change the idea of Spirit Week just a little bit in order for more students to become more active and involved during these days. We started it, and now it’s your turn to spread the word and make a change about our school.


Recent Update: The Eagle’s Cry has learned there will now be TWO weeks of spirit, both before and after February break. The Student Council also has declared new spirit themes.  We will keep you informed about these developments, but we hope that by some coincidence our day ideas end up official.