Midterms are on the Way: Are You Ready?


Brian Saccone, Reporter

We are almost up to the halfway point of the 2017-2018 school year, which means midterm exams are coming up. During the middle of the school year, some classes require you to take a midterm exam in order to pass the second quarter. A couple classes, like the U.S. History Classes will grade the midterm for the third quarter..

During midterms, there will be no regular classes for three days. The days where there were no regular classes used to be Wednesday through Friday, but this year, there will be no regular classes Monday through Wednesday. “The English regents is the reason why the school switched its midterm testings [to] Monday-Wednesday” English and Journalism teacher Mr. Malossi said.

Some students here can have a midterm either all three of the days, so unfortunately, you don’t have a day off of school. Some students like being off because “it gives them off time when you don’t have a midterm.” said BHS Junior Brody Paola. In some classes, midterms are taken in class during a regular class period. The midterms in class usually takes two days to complete.

Some students that are taking a midterm can sometimes can have a conflict when they have two or more tests on the same day and time. Test conflicts are not common, but do occasionally become issues. They can happen when a student fails the June and August regents and have to retake it in January or when students need to retake a course that requires a midterm after failing summer school and the previous year. Another occurrence is when a student is taking two classes that aren’t commonly taken in the same year but can be, like Honors Precalc and AP Bio. Test conflicts should be handled with Mr. Healy during lunch periods this week.

Students and parents can refer to the midterm testing schedule above or the paper copy they received in the beginning of January for when the student needs to come in.