Will There be a Snow Day Tomorrow?


Kaylagh Walsh and Marissa Parisi

It’s something that’s been on everyone’s mind since yesterday, and no doubt has been discussed in every class today: a snow day.  So what’s the probability of it actually happening?

According to a sample survey, the majority of Bethpage students and teachers believe there will be a snow day, but even more hope there will be one. “Of course I want there to be a snow day.” says English and Journalism teacher Mr. Malossi. There are a select few who don’t want there to be a snow day tomorrow.  

However, the odds do not seem to be in their favor.  Snow Day Calculator predicts a 99% chance of cancelled school for our zip code, with a 52% chance on Friday.  Although Friday is a pretty slim chance, tomorrow seems almost definite.

For those who are worried about losing vacation days in the spring, the school isn’t required to make up the first snow day.  That means that everyone gets to sleep in and spend a day of watching movies and drinking hot chocolate in the winter and still get to enjoy their spring break in the future.