Top Five Christmas Movies You MUST See


Brian Saccone, Reporter

On Christmas Day, many families celebrate for all their memories from the year. However, it is not a fun time just to open Christmas presents, and look in your stockings in the morning. Maybe it is a time to watch some of your favorite Christmas movies. There are some movies that you must see when you are on your holiday break.

One of the Christmas movies you must see is The Christmas Story. “It’s a classic, it still has humor in it, and it kinda brings up the story about Christmas and other things to it” said art teacher Mr. DeStefano. The Christmas Story is based on a kid who believes in a story about Christmas and learns what Christmas is really about. Mr. D would laugh at the scene where “the boy sticks his tongue on the pole and he couldn’t get it off.”  

Elf is another Christmas movie you must see in the holidays. Elf is a movie based on Buddy (Will Ferrell) who is raised at the North Pole with Santa and the other elves; he then goes to find his parents in New York City. It has a lot of funny scenes in there like when Buddy tests the jack-in-the-box that delayed and scared him, he also gets in fights with the Gimbels’ fake Santa and Miles Finch when he tells him he’s “an elf.” It is also funny when “he gets hit by a taxi” while going to Gimbels and walking across the street to walk with his brother from school.

Another movie that many crave on Christmas Day is the movie Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The Grinch is a movie based on people living in a town called Whoville, and the Grinch plans to steal Christmas gifts and decorations from everyone in Whoville. A funny scene in this movie is when the mayor of Whoville is pushed out of bed by a car that is tied to his bed.

Everyone should also see the classic film Home Alone. Home Alone is a movie based on an 8 year old kid named Kevin; he is left alone while his family took a vacation to Paris accidentally forgetting about him alone at home. A funny part in this movie is when “the kid hits the intruders with the frying pan.”

The last Christmas movie you must see is the Santa Clause. The Santa Clause is based on a dad taking over for Santa that year after he accidentally kills a man in a Santa suit on Christmas Eve. Some silly scenes in the movie is when the doctor says that Scott is healthy as he can be and he also says to Scott that he gained a little weight. But Scott says that he “gained 45 pounds in a week, what’s happening to me.”