Ms. Bennett: Yoga Teacher and Coach



The only teacher at BHS who literally makes Mondays better is Ms. Bennett. When she started her very own yoga class a few years ago, students were fascinated. It’s a good way to stretch and get the blood flowing early in the morning. What follows is a verbatim interview with Ms. Bennett, where readers can find out a little about her past and what brought her to BHS.

The Eagle’s Cry: Ms. Bennett, what inspired you to become a teacher?


Ms. B: My undergraduate degree from Central Connecticut State University was in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. I really had no desire when I was in college to become a teacher.  It wasn’t until I started coaching a varsity sport right after college that I realized how much I loved teaching through coaching. They really are the same, just different content.  My passion for coaching drove me to go back to school to specialize in education. I attended Queen’s College for my Master’s degree in Physical Education.


The Eagles Cry: Who in your life did you look up to the most?


Ms. B: There are quite a few people that I looked up to growing up.  My mother supported me in everything I set out to do and always had great advice.  She attended every game, meet, and competition in all of the sports and activities I ever was involved with.  My father was an incredible athlete who could have been a professional baseball player.  I played many sports growing up but I played Division 1 college softball on a full scholarship.  My dad used to practice with me and gave me tips and helped me become a great all-around softball player.  If it weren’t for those countless hours of him catching for me when I practiced pitching, or hit me ground balls and pop flies over and over I don’t know if I would have excelled as much.  I have incredible parents who have given me so much strength and support.  Even though when you’re a teenager you don’t like some of the things they say and do, when you look back as an adult, you realize….THEY WERE RIGHT!


The Eagles Cry: Where did you grow up and what sports did you play?


Ms. B: I grew up in Oceanside, NY.  Competition and sports ruled my life and I believe to this day that they make you a tougher person because of all the lessons they teach. I was a springboard diver, a figure skater, I ran track, played 4 years of Varsity volleyball and 4 years of Varsity softball.  I went on to play softball in college.


The Eagles Cry: How did you first get into volleyball and yoga?


Ms. B: As soon as I got hired here at Bethpage I began coaching volleyball.  I started coaching girls and boy’s junior varsity teaMs. because they were separate seasons.  In my third year I moved into the Boys Varsity position and have been coaching varsity for 11 years.  Volleyball is a true team sport with no room for selfishness.  There are 6 players on the court and in order to be successful you have to work together or you will fall apart.  Volleyball is a very tough sport to learn and excel at.  There are so many skills both mentally and physically that have to be acquired in order to play at a high level.


The Eagles Cry: To finalize our interview, who is your best friend in the Bethpage High School?


Ms. B: My best friend in Bethpage High School is Mr. Franzke. We started teaching together back in 2005.  We have gotten to know so much about each other and share the same passion of teaching and acquiring new ideas. We also share the love of coaching and are always there to give each other advice. He is that person that when he is absent from school I feel like there is a part of me missing. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. I cannot imagine teaching here without him.