Bethpage National Honor Society Visits Boston


The BHS chapter of the National Honor Society went on a trip to Boston over this past weekend.  Forty six students from the Honor Society attended the trip led by teacher and Honor Society advisor Mr. Fazio.  They visited many museums and historic sites in the Boston area including the site of the Boston Tea Party and Fenway Park.

“Mr. Fazio really did a great job putting the trip together for us,” said Honor Society member Cat Panella.  The itinerary was packed with enjoyable activities.  On Friday, students visited the Salem Witch Museum and House of the Seven Gables, a historic house that inspired the famous book by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  The group also visited the Battle of Bunker Hill memorial, a high tower on the hill where patriots fought in the American Revolution.  Students were given the opportunity to climb all 294 steps to the top.  “Don’t climb up the monument,” student Irena Tsavaris joked, “my legs were shaking after.”

The next day, they toured Fenway Park and saw what it was like to attend Harvard University by walking around campus. “I loved the old buildings and the history, but I was surprised there weren’t more students around,” said chaperone Mr. Lynch.  Students were also surprised: most of the other people around were taking pictures and going on tours, so most of them were also tourists.  

Later that evening, students were scheduled to tour the Freedom Trail, a path through the city that goes through many important pieces of history.  However, the tour guide never showed.  It wasn’t over for the group though, as Mr. Lynch decided to lead the tour himself. “[He] was a great tour guide,” said student Mark DeCastro.

Students also had the opportunity to dump tea into the Boston Harbor—much like the revolutionaries of 1773—at the Boston Tea Party museum.  And before they departed on Sunday, they stopped by the USS Constitution, a historic naval ship, and the JFK Library.

Everyone was exhausted by the time the trip was over; the bus was quiet, and students needed to prepare for school on Monday.  However, many agreed that the trip was very enjoyable.