Why You Should Get A Driver’s License


Why should you get your driver’s license?

Getting your driver’s license can be the most important step to having the freedom to go anywhere you want. It gives you a sense of independence. Plus-you’re able to leave campus during lunch when you’re a senior. That should seal the deal.

Generally when you live in the city there is not much of a need to drive because you can just take the bus or train. However, for those that live on Long Island or any other suburban area, there is a dire need for a driver’s license. Parents can’t always drive you anywhere you want. They do have their own lives that they have to get to too.

Various people like Rani Patel have agreed with Thomas Kress and Ryan O’Neil that “driving is the best thing you can do for yourself.” Philip Purchick said, “Being able to drive is an exhilarating feeling of liberty.” Having the ability to go somewhere and not need your parents to get you there when they can’t “is the best, you basically just save yourself from having to stay home and do nothing, while your friends hang out without you” said Jaqueline Ramirez.

Here are the steps you need to take to get your driver’s license!

Step 1: Sign up to take the test (study)

  • Wait a couple hours at the DMV (if you’re lucky)
  • Take the test
  • Wait to see if you pass
  • Get your permit

Step 2: Sign up to take Driver’s Ed (This is not required to take the road test. However, you should take it to get driving time, lower your insurance rate when getting a car and learn the tips and tricks to driving. You can also take a 5 hour course)

Step 3: Get some practice driving done with your parents, or anyone else

Step 4: Sign up for the road test:

  • Talk to your friends about their road test to give you an overview of what it will be like
  • Get last minute tips from your friends on how to pass
  • Take the test ( hopefully you get a nice proctor that won’t be too harsh on taking away poin ts)

Step 5: CONGRATULATIONS you have passed, have fun and drive safely.