Teacher Feature 2017: Ms. Glassberg


When you walk down by the cafeterias, you may hear a melodic voice spilling from one of the classrooms. If you don’t already know who this is by that description, it is the one, the only, Ms. Glassberg. 

Now all joking aside, Ms.Glassberg is a charismatic person with a lot of spunk and sarcasm. Since 1998, her presence has graced this school, where she works in the English Department, and as the school store supervisor. While teaching, she tries her best to reach out to all of the students in the class. She stated “All students come in with something different to the table. I try my best to give the kids the best education by trying to make everything relevant to their lives as much as possible. I try to be enthusiastic and realistic. She despises students who cheat though. She would much rather them fail on their own than do well because of the work of someone else.

When she was a child, Ms. Glassberg grew up in a place very similar to Bethpage. Her family was very strict, especially with her parents having four girls to deal with. Also very contrary to how she is now, she was very shy when she was younger. It was not until she started to force herself to be more outgoing that it became easier to do, and now she takes the time to talk to everybody she can.”

She met her husband through both of their parents… it’s a long story. Seriously. Let’s just say that they had to meet each other by themselves than through their parents in order to find that they were meant to get married. Now they have two daughter; Emma who is eight, and Charlotte who is five. The one thing she fears is them getting hurt is any way.

During her free time, she enjoys interior design, creative writing, and building things with her hands. She also likes to read, but she cannot just choose one book as her favorite. She mostly reads nonfiction now, because it’s easier to put down and pick back up again whenever she wants, despite however long it has been.

In High School, Ms. Glassberg worked very hard to receive good grades and do her best. During the first year of college at Albany, she still did pretty well, but she focused more on her self growth as an adult. The next few years she had to work even harder to receive the grades she needed to become a teacher. That’s another thing— she originally had wanted to be an accountant when she was older, but that changed and she decided to teach English instead. She is still very logic-based though.

If you ever feel like school is hard, she says that “even though it seems like it’s a struggle now, work your hardest now or potentially struggle the rest of your life. If you work hard you won’t regret that you should have worked harder in school. “Make the sacrifice now and you won’t have any regrets in the future.” Through all her hard work, she now has a career that provides her and her family with happiness and a good life. Ms. Glassberg stated that she has no regrets, and she loves her life.