BHS’s Third Annual Fashion Show


On January 12, Bethpage High School is throwing its third Charity fashion show.The money that is collected from this show will go to community counseling centers, southshore child and family guidance, and child abuse prevention services.

Mrs.Kennedy has said “Hopefully we’ll have double what was made last year and split it equally among the three of them.”

In the first year of this fashion show students and teachers had been the ones that had walked in the show. In the second year only teachers had walked in the show and students had performed. This year they have incorporated both, we have both students and teachers from elementary to high school modeling and performing.

Mr. Malossi expressed his joy to see the fashion show this year by excitedly telling the Eagle’s Cry that “The fashion show is always something I look forward to. I can’t wait to see the latest trends.”

The goal of this fashion show is to raise awareness for bully prevention to show that nobody ever has to stand alone.

Come join us at the Fashion show tomorrow night at 6:00 P.M.! Tickets are five dollars and are sold at the door.