The Eagle’s Cry Review, Sing


Nicole Massaro and Marisa McCarthy

On December 21st, 2016, the musical film Sing was released. With famous artists Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly, and Stevie Wonder making great guest appearances, it was an exciting show. Sing is a movie for all ages, from kids to elders, and included songs that make you want to get out of your seat and just dance.

Sing is an animated film about a koala, Buster Moon, trying to follow his dream of keeping his theatre alive; however, he encounters a major problem. Mr. Buster Moon’s father worked day and night to give his son the opportunity to open his own theatre and Mr. Moon wanted to keep it up and running. The bank that funded the Moon Theatre was fed up with Buster’s excuses and no longer wanted to loan him money. Mr. Moon had begged for just one last chance by running a singing competition with an original grand prize of just 100 dollars; however, a technological error occurred with his assistant, who had printed out flyers exclaiming a 100,000 dollar prize for the winner! Contestants included Gunter, Ash, Johny, Mike, Neema, and Rosita.

A plethora of BHS students saw the film and loved it! A Bethpage sophomore exclaimed, “It was my favorite movie of 2016 by far! I absolutely adored Johnny’s character, he was so cute!” Senior Miguel Almanzar, described how he “really connected to the film because of his musical background”. Furthermore, another sophomore, Issy Ingenito, explained how she also related to the characters, especially Neema because she “personally connected to her since she was shy but then gained confidence”. All in all, Sing is a fantastic film and we highly recommend it to everyone!