It’s Go Time, People—The Hamilton Mixtape Is Here


Kate Schneider and Kaitlyn Stork

The hit musical Hamilton, created by Lin Manuel-Miranda has been a large part of popular culture for over a year now. Currently, most of the original cast has left the musical, and the original Broadway cast album has been out for a while now, having taken over Billboard’s Top 200. So what’s left to do with the hit musical? Easy: get other famous artists to do their own rendition of the songs from the show. That’s right, everybody. It’s a mixtape.

From Jill Scott to Wiz Khalifa, many artists jumped at the opportunity to make some of the original songs their own, perform songs heavily inspired by the messages of the show, or even record covers of some of the songs cut from the musical. These covers range from 2002 inspired pop to gospel, but also from grin-worthy to cringe-worthy. Some of the covers were creative renditions of some of the infamous songs from the musical, while others simply sounded awkward or strayed too far from the original song, such as Usher’s rendition of “Wait For It”. Lin Manuel-Miranda even included demos of songs that weren’t in the musical, such as “Cabinet Battle #3”where George Washington and his Cabinet debate a proposal to end slavery. While some ingenious songs and lyrics from the original musical didn’t make the cut, the compilation of covers was still a huge success, as it has sold an unprecedented amount of CDs, is currently rising up Billboard’s Top 200, and it is expected to take the coveted number one spot soon. It’s just a matter of waiting for it to rise up to  the Billboard’s Top 200, that would surely be enough for the fans.

Students who have heard Hamilton and are fans of it actually approached one of the authors about it the day the mixtape came out. Sophomore Matt Mandolese mentioned, “The mixtape was amazing, Sia singing Satisfied made me flip.” Needless to say, students who are fans of the original soundtrack have been listening to the mixtape nonstop since it was released. Even students who weren’t fans of the musical, but listened to some songs, claimed “I don’t even know the song but because this artist sang it I love it now.” Some fans of the musical pre-ordered the album, for example of the authors did. Songs were released every Friday in November if people preordered the album.

The mixtape has been a huge success, don’t act surprised you guys, as Lin Manuel-Miranda put it together,and there was no way this album wasn’t going to be a hit within a few days of its release. If you haven’t yet listened to some songs from either the original album or the mixtape,then you should definitely give it a shot and listen to some of the songs. What are you waiting for, what do you stall for?