How to Talk to Your Family During the Holidays: The Eagle’s Cry Quiz

How to Talk to Your Family During the Holidays: The Eagle’s Cry Quiz

Every year, people are forced to talk their relatives during the holidays, and are asked too many questions. Take this classic Eagle’s Cry quiz to find out your personality based on how you answer these typical questions relatives ask. Make sure to keep track of how many times you answer each letter choice, as it will determine your result.


How to Talk to Your Family During the Holidays: The Eagle’s Cry Quiz


How’s school going?

A) It’s actually going pretty well, thanks for asking.

B) Ehhhh it’s alright.

C) Oh just great I am certainly enjoying all of the crippling stress I’m under!

D) About as well as your divorce, Aunt Carol.


Where are you going to college?

A) I’m expecting to hear back from my top picks very soon!

B) I’m not sure, but I definitely want to go away to school.

C) I think I’m just gonna pick out of a hat.

D)The one that I can afford—so I’m not going. At all. Ever.


Do you have a job yet?

A) Yes, I enjoy being a functioning member of society.

B) Define “job.”

C) No, I love having no money and buying you zero presents.

D) Do you have a life yet?


Your parents let you out of the house dressed like that?

A) I think this outfit is perfectly respectable.

B) Wait, where am I?

C) I saw a nun dressed like this once.

D) Not all of us can afford to shop at K-Mart, Uncle Bill.


Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

A) No/Yes and i’m loving every minute!

B) I might be seeing someone, I don’t know it’s so confusing!

C) Yes i’m in love *sobs* *runs from the room*

D) My love life is as dry as this holiday ham, Grandma


Why are you kids always on your phones?

A) Just staying connected!

B) Just…y’know…looking at stuff…

C) I don’t even own a phone (as you’re on the phone).

D) Because I’d rather stick this butter knife in my ear than listen to you bloviate about crochet patterns, Aunt Eleanor.


So how about that election, huh?

A) Yes, let us engage in a respectful political discussion.

B) I’m not really into politics…

C) I voted for Harambe.

D) If any of you voted for [Trump/Hillary] you’re dead to me.


Scoring Guide: Add up how many points you got to get your results!

For every “A” give yourself 1 point

For every “B” give yourself 2 points

For every “C” give yourself 3 points

For every “D” give yourself 4 points


  • 24-28 Points: Just Plain Malicious
  • Okay Scrooge, try to get over your holiday difficulties, for your family and in the spirit of the holidays. Try smiling for once in your life!


  • 18-23 Points: More Sarcastic than Naughty
  • You may be an expert in witty comebacks, but your great Aunt Helen might actually believe you when you say you’re going to clown college. Maybe tone down the sarcasm just a bit.


  • 12-17 Points: You’re a Vague One
  • “Bare Minimum” may be your middle name, but at least you’re giving (mostly) coherent answers. You can always try harder next year.


  • 7-11 Points: You Might as Well be Saint Nicholas
  • Way to be in the holiday spirit! You’re definitely a delight at the table, no matter how awkward your relatives make you feel.