A Look into the Brand New Mindfulness Room


As the school year progresses, both students and faculty alike tend to have more and more on their plates. Once clubs, sports, and academics are in full swing, we oftentimes neglect to designate time for ourselves—and our mental health.

Located in the Guidance Office, the mindfulness room features comfortable seating, a soothing fountain, and tranquil vibes all around. The masterminds behind this spot are Ms. Cardo, Ms. Vera, and Ms. Kennedy, who explained that they noticed an “increase in anxiety and stress and…wanted a space to release it all.” Upon entering the mindfulness room, one immediately notices its effects. Everything from the decor to the furniture is intended to help students release stress, as well as reading material to help with relaxation, including a book filled with two minute meditations.

Students are already taking advantage of this new addition. Junior Jess Penna, who loves the mindfulness room claims that she “could just sit in there for hours…because it’s so peaceful.”

Just don’t mistake this for a texting or hangout spot, as there is a cell phone holder hanging on the wall to leave your phone, allowing you to unplug for a little bit, focusing all of your attention on yourself as well as eliminating any distractions. So if you’re feeling stressed out or just want to see this alluring getaway, stop by the Guidance Office and check out the mindfulness room.