Rebecca Diers Smashes Decades-Old High School Record


Rebecca Diers broke the 35 year old record of 1:13.45 in 100M breaststroke with a time of 1:11.56. Ever since breaking that record’ she feels accomplished because she has wanted to break this record since her freshmen year. “A lot of people have come up to me and congratulated what I have accomplished.”

As she was swimming the last lap, her “arms and legs started to tire” but she knew she should keep pushing and try to win the competition. Guess you can say it was well worth the push. When asked if she will come back in the future and see if her record is still up on the board, she said that “I would hope so but, before I graduate I want to try to bring the record down more so that it can last longer up on the board.”

Breaking a record can be a huge accomplishment. Rebecca Diers said that she is very proud of what she has accomplished and hopes to break more records in the future.