Fiesta Brings Spanish Culture to BHS


Mark DeCastro, Reporter

On Monday, November 7, all the Spanish classes along with the Spanish club joined together for the annual Spanish fiesta. All different Spanish dishes lined the walls of the cafeteria, Salsa music wafted from the cafeteria, and a photo booth with Spanish-themed props set the scene for a fantastic cultural feast.

The feast would not be possible without the amazing work by the Spanish teaching staff, as the preparation for such an event can seem endless. Mrs. Hauschild said, “I don’t think you can put that into hours—a feast like this takes months to prepare for.”

The Spanish fiesta allows students to join together to enjoy Spanish culture. “My favorite part about this fiesta is not only the amazing food,” Mrs. Hauschild explained, “the chance for students to experience the great culture Spanish offers is what makes this great.” Don’t miss the chance to stop by and say “Hola!”