Google Eduexpo Comes to BHS


Erin Jedd, News Editor/Social Media Manager

This past Monday and Tuesday, the Google Eduexpo was here at BHS. The first of only three occurring across the nation, this expedition was designed by Google, as well as tech companies Logicwing and CDW. Although this event is especially for administration and staff from other schools here to learn about the story of Bethpage School District “going Google,” one can’t miss the grand structures Google has fashioned when walking past the gym. So why BHS? Assistant Superintendent Mr. Schneider proudly explained that “all the commitment, hard work, and dedication of our staff and students” is what attracted Google to our school.

The two-day expo included Google workshops about using technology such as chromebooks to improve student learning, as well as a panel featuring students, faculty, and members of our tech staff. It is obvious that we here in Bethpage thoroughly enjoy utilizing our Google resources to their full potential.

Part of the panel, Junior Marco Cunha, said “They’re easy enough for non-tech savvy people to use, but not simple enough that tech savvy people get bored too quickly.”

Even though student are not welcome, go take a peek inside the gym, it’s quite a spectacle.