iPhone 7: Is It Really an Upgrade?


Nicole Massaro and Marisa McCarthy

Ever thought about purchasing a new sleek, jet black iPhone 7? Well…don’t. September 16th, 2016 was a date that will go down in history as one of the most disappointing releases of a new iPhone. If you own the iPhone 6 or 6, you basically already have the iPhone 7. This new device isn’t so new after all, and is known to be one of the most unoriginal upgrades for Apple in years.

Besides the few improvements, such as longer battery life and higher camera resolution, there is nothing too special about the iPhone 7. Out of the handful of changes in the device, the new home button is unsatisfying to many. The button is now triggered by a simple touch and there is no longer a need to apply pressure to it. Do you like those comfy, cozy touchscreen gloves? Oh well! They can no longer be used with the new design of the iPhone 7.

Not only is the new home button a downgrade, but also the removal of the headphone jack was EXTREMELY upsetting to nearly everyone. BHS teacher Ms. Way did not know much about the upgrade, but was not happy with the headphones and stated that it  could potentially “prevent her from buying the 7.” She was not the only one who was unhappy with the upgrade. Mr. Polatos was also frustrated with Apple. He feels as though Apple is a scam and is “taking advantage of its customers.” However, Mr. Como was intrigued by the new iPhone upgrade. He exclaims, “I feel like I would lose the headphones and I haven’t even gotten them yet. I am, though, happy that they are trying to make new technological advances.”

The wireless headphones, known as “air pods”, will not be released until late October and cost a whopping $159. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to spend 159 bucks on headphones I’m going to lose in a week. Several teachers, however, are not Apple fans at all. Mr. Miller, a math teacher at BHS had even referred to himself as a “Galaxy guy.”  

So, if you were curious and thought hey, maybe I should get that new iPhone… rethink your decision. Do you really want to give Apple your money for a scam?