American Horror Story : Season 6


On Wednesday, September 14th, season six of the Emmy Award winning series, American Horror Story, aired after months of secrecy regarding the setting. Over the previous seasons, the series has jumped from a horror house to a mental asylum, and from a Louisiana witch coven to a carnival side show.

“American Horror Story really fell off after Season Three,” said BHS English teacher Mr. Malossi. “I hope this new season lives up to the older seasons, especially the ‘haunted house’ first season.”

There have been many theories as to where show creator Ryan Murphy would like to dock his series going into its sixth year of broadcasting. Fueled by short advertisement commercials that teased settings such as a mysterious forest and a creature infested lake, all of the millions of viewers were left in the dark by the series’ creators and stars. However, after months of anticipation, the new setting of the popular anthology series was revealed to be set around the mysterious case of the Roanoke Colony.

For those either unfamiliar with the case or forgetful of its significance from your U.S. History classes, the Roanoke Colony was a settlement of colonists set up in present day Dare County, North Carolina. Years after the English had stopped sending supplies over to them, several colonists were called over to check on them. When they arrived at the settlement, they discovered that there was nobody there, with the closest thing to the colonists presence was a lone skeleton. There have been many theories as to what may have happened to the colonists, mainly focused around attacks by neighboring Spanish soldiers and Native Americans. However, I’m sure that Ryan Murphy and his creative batch of writers have added a more sinister and mysterious narrative to this occurrence.

The first episode of the Roanoke season saw series regulars, including Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Denis O’Hare, Angela Bassett, and Kathy Bates make their return, while promising many more to come. It also saw Cuba Gooding Jr.- coming off his The People vs. OJ Simpson fame- make his American Horror Story debut. The show has also adopted a different format for storytelling by relying on several of the actors telling the audience their own account of the events in the show while, other actors reenact them- very similar to the likes of Paranormal Witness or other ghost-related tv shows.

Whatever the setting and whoever the stars, I look forward to tuning into FX every Wednesday at 10:00 pm yet again to see what chills and thrills American Horror Story is able to conjure up.