Meet Your BHS Softball Players


Kierstin Bloom #11- Kierstin is an Outfielder for the team. She bats in the 2-spot, and with her speed slaps hits to get on base. Bloom moves the leadoff runner around to scoring positions. Kierstin has also verbally committed to play softball at Dowling College.

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Lauren Bloom #44- Lauren is the pitcher for the team, she has been the starting pitcher for the past three years and bats in the 5-spot. Lauren hits for power, and after she graduates she will continue her softball career at Dowling College.

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Kayla Castellano #1- Kayla, also known as “CC,” plays second base and outfield. She hits toward the end of the lineup, so she can move batters around by hitting or bunting.

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Gabby Gusmano #22- This is Gabby’s first year on varsity. She plays anywhere on the field, and the team has high hopes for her this year.

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Renee Hydo #21- This is Renee’s first year on varsity. She plays the first base and the outfield with a lot of speed to track down fly balls.

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Courtney Ludewig #4- Courtney is the catcher for this year’s team. Courtney is extremely vocal behind home plate, whether cheering on her pitchers or telling people where to throw the ball. Courtney hits for power in the middle of the lineup.

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Mikayla Moerler #3- This is Mikayla’s first year on varsity. Mikayla is a pitcher and a first baseman. With her good bat and glove, the team is excited to see what she can do.

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Danielle Olive #5- Danielle is the shortstop for the Golden Eagles this year. Danielle has a good glove and she starts off the lineup by leading off. Danielle normally gets on base with her speed or moves runners around on base. Danielle will continue her softball career at SUNY Cortland.

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Lauren Oury #10- Lauren is an outfielder. With her ability to track fly balls, her good arm, and her bat, she is an asset to the team. Lauren bats in the middle of the lineup for power and moves runners around the bases.

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Cameron Roeller #17- Cameron, also known as “Cam,” plays first base for the team. Cam bats towards the end of the lineup and often moves runners around the bases who get on before her.

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Veronica Scruggs #9- Veronica plays second base and dabbles at shortstop for the Eagles. This is Veronica’s first year on varsity and the team is excited to see what she contributes to the game.

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Kristen Suran #25- Kristen plays left field, third base, and sometimes catches. Kristen bats for power in the middle of the lineup. Kristen has a strong arm and a good bat and has the ability to play anywhere on the field. Untitled drawing (12)


Corrin Tempesta #55- Corrin plays third base and pitches when the team needs her. Corrin bats towards the top of the lineup. With her strong arm and good glove, she can easily make plays and get the outs we need.

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