Should Students Get Vacation Days?

Many people believe schools should give “vacation days” to students. I, however, believe that they shouldn’t. I’m not talking about getting rid of winter or spring break. I’m talking about schools gifting students a certain number of days, from which they can choose to miss. I’m a firm believer that we do get a lot of work and deserve a break every now and then, but there are many faults in just giving students vacation days.

Students shouldn’t be given actual vacation days because it gives too much responsibility to irresponsible students. I know, just because a certain number of students can’t handle it doesn’t mean others can’t. However, there are also many additional faults in having these chosen vacation days.

We are students. It’s mandatory for us to attend school. We need to learn. School’s preparing us for the future, in which we’ll hopefully have jobs. How are we ever going to reach our goals with people taking unnecessary vacation days?  People who work get vacation days because they have to provide for themselves and their families, and vacation days are important for them and necessary. That’s not the same case with students.

Some students who miss way too much school as it is, should we give them vacation days?

What if a certain student can’t miss any more classes, and her vacation days taken away? Does every student get the same number of vacation days? How will this work? Many students will take vacation days on the days of huge tests. Is that fair? Will there be regulations on which days you can choose?

Also, these vacation days don’t just affect students. They affect teachers too. If certain students keep missing important lessons, how will they pass their tests? Teachers will have to hold more extra helps and perhaps reteach lessons they’ve already taught just because some students wanted a break that day. Teachers will have to grade papers at different times and hand out tests later, which will annoy some other students who came into school that day. Grades will be put into Parent Portal at different times and into report cards later.

School is a responsibility. I know, how can sitting in a desk all day listening to a teacher talk about a subject you might not have any interest in prepare you? Answer: it teaches us to THINK. It prepares us by forcing us to speak, read, write, and solve problems.

That’s why students shouldn’t be given the choice of having their own vacation days. Student vacation days aren’t a very innovative idea. It just creates a messy situation and disturbs the long ongoing system of just having holiday breaks and the school system and routine we already have.