What’s Up with Kesha Vs. Dr. Luke?


If you’ve been following any feminist social media—or if you are simply a fan of Kesha—you know the unfair situation she’s been in over the last couple of months. Kesha accused Dr. Luke, her former producer, of sexually, verbally, physically, and emotionally abusing her for over the course of a decade, and she’s finally decided to take action.

After Kesha confronted the abuse she has allegedly faced since she first signed with Dr. Luke at the age of 18, the producer filed a lawsuit—a countersuit against both Kesha and her mother. The suit was for breach of contract and defamation.

The truth: after being abused in so many different ways, Kesha really just wanted to be released from her contract. BHS senior Emily Dean feels that, “It is heartbreaking that she has to deal with this. Even after everything she has already dealt with, winning that small lawsuit is just the beginning. She will get justice.”

Dr. Luke refuses to release Kesha from her contract, and many believe it is so he can maintain his tyrannical hold over the young star. She is afraid that her music career will be over after this legal issue resolves. Recently, Kesha and her mother were granted a small victory as a New York judge ruled to dismiss Dr. Luke’s lawsuits, claiming the producer had no jurisdiction to claim these suits in New York.

Senior Tim Varley said, “What she endured is horrible, and I am happy that even in the smallest of ways she got some sort of justice.”