“Team Katz” and “Faz 5” Bring Home Dodgeball Championship


Valerie Kress, Features Editor

On Wednesday, March 2, 2016, Mr. Fazio—with help of the Honor Society—held the preliminary round of a dodgeball tournament to raise money to fight childhood cancer.

Mr. Fazio said, “I thought our first Dodge for a Cure tournament was a huge success. Students who participated had a blast and we were able to raise over $1,700 to help fight Childhood Cancer. I want to thank our administrators, the PTA, faculty, staff, and student body for being so supportive of such a great cause.”

The tournament consisted of two brackets: boys and girls. Students from all grades banded together to make teams of five, each paying $10 to enter, thus raising much money for childhood cancer.

Students filled the bleachers in support for the cause. The gym was split in half down the middle so two games could go on at once, each four minutes long, so all teams could get their games in. The whole tournament lasted about two hours, with over twenty teams participating. The whole gym was alive with blasting music, exhilarating games, and roaring crowd—everyone seemed to have a great time.

All of the teams played very well, but “Page Basket” came out on top for the girls’ bracket while “Thanks For Playing” came out on top for the boys’ bracket in the preliminary round.

Top-seed “Thanks for Playing” member Brian Seiter said, “It was all around a good time. We raised money for a good cause and dominated the competition, obviously.” The environment was so lively that even those who lost enjoyed themselves while watching their peers.

The championship round on Thursday, March 3, 2016 was even more lively than the preliminary round. The champions were “Team Katz” consisting of Emily Katz, Renee Hydo, Courtney Ludewig, Bridget Cullinane, and Cassidy Tarnell; and “Faz 5” consisting of Frank Ragusa, James Fox, Joey Poggio, Mark Rossini, and Matt Sikoryak. All teams played very well and many matches ended in shock. “Thanks For Playing” who held the first seed, were quickly eliminated along with many other top teams of Thursday.

Overall, it was an amazing event to be a part of that we all hope happens again. Over $1,700 was raised to fight childhood cancer, and everyone had an amazing time doing it.