Bloom’s Guide to the Best of the Internet: DAMN, Daniel!


Lauren Bloom, News Editor

Hey guys! I’m back at it again with the Internet guides…with my white vans. I’m just kidding; I’m writing this story in my black high-top converse.

Most of you know the most recent internet meme “Damn Daniel,” it all started when his friend Josh started taking snapchat videos of Daniel admiring his outfits and saying “Damn, Daniel” in weird voices.

Daniel and his friend Josh are California teens who have racked up thousands of views on Youtube and thousands of retweets on Twitter. Daniel is now mostly recognized for his iconic “white vans.”

People everywhere now want a pair of white vans, which they now call “Damn Daniels” (clever name). Sneakers aren’t the only thing that is named after Daniel. Many people have created t-shirts, bracelets, and even tried to recreate the meme.

A lot of people get great joy out of these Daniel memes, but others find them extremely annoying and stupid.

Damn daniel will be popular for about another two weeks, give or take a few days. As this Internet guide comes to a close for this week, all I wanna say is “Dammnnnn Daniel.”