Spirit Week Kicks Off in High Gear


Lauren Bloom, News Editor

Happy BHS Spirit Week everyone!!

To kick off the week, we have pajama day, which is always on a….


Monday…thank goodness because who doesn’t want to wear pajamas to school the day after the weekend ends?


Tuesday– Sports Jersey Day: support your favorite professional team


Wednesday– Twin Day: dress EXACTLY alike as one of your friends


Thursday– Blue and Gold Day: show your golden eagle pride and wear our school colors


Friday– Class Color day: wear the same color your class is wearing

Freshman –  Purple

Sophomores – Green

Juniors – Maroon

Seniors – Black


Every day during homeroom go down to the auditorium to get counted for spirit week by Ms. Sestak to get your class the most points. And seniors, we need to win this year! Let’s get hyped!

On Friday, starting at 3:30, Battle of the Classes starts. Each grade and the faculty will compete for the trophy. That’s not the only activity happening after school though, on Wednesday the skit will happen after school, the skit has to do with the theme of your class. On Thursday, the penny wars will take place, classes, don’t forget to pick your charity!

Good luck to every class and the faculty…but the seniors will dominate this year!