See the Faces Behind “Your BHS News” Morning Announcements


Valerie Kress and Laura Russo

As you well know by now, Bethpage went live with morning announcements this year, right before holiday break. The announcements are intended to activate student interest in BHS activities and athletics, and to decrease the number of announcements made over the PA each day.

The “BHS News” gets filmed every day at 9AM in BHS’s very own TV studio—located in the Stewart Ave. lobby—including a camera, a teleprompter, a green screen, and an editing suite of computers, to ensure that the team can approach perfection.

However, technical difficulties have occurred due to the show’s novelty and the students and teachers having to get used to new equipment. Mr. Malossi and Mr. Davis are the teachers tasked with running the show.

“It’s tough at first,” said Mr. Malossi. “We’re bound to feel some growing pains.”

For example, an audio mishap occurred during one of the first week’s broadcasts, causing the announcements to be muted. For two mornings, Joe Tierney’s pledge sounded like a hip-hop remix as the first few words kept repeating at the end.

Joe Tierney said, “It’s a great new system. Students here seem to like it a lot.” He felt honored to be a part of a big change in BHS’s daily life, as did everyone else The Eagle’s Cry surveyed.

Recently, BHS News added pre-taped sports and features. Brooke Radcliffe and Taylor Hannaberry were the first-ever sportscasters for BHS News.

The Eagle’s Cry reporters even got to tour the TV studio and sit in on the recording of a live broadcast. It was amazing to see how much actually goes on behind the scenes of the morning announcements. All participants in the news work hard each day to bring the news to the school in a fun and engaging way. Now, we’ll show you the faces of BHS news:

Joe Tierney

Role: Recites the pledge and alerts teachers to play the live news


Untitled drawing (5)

Paul Korkotas

Role: recites the American’s Creed/Day 1 Anchorperson

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Mallory Wilson

Role: Anchorperson—reports the news live


Sam Perkowsky

Role: Technical director—does all graphics and basically runs the entire show as it goes live



Anthony Chiaramonte

Role: Graphics—prepares the pictures to appear by anchors


Tina Lopipero

Role: Anchorperson—reports the news live


Brooke Radcliffe and Taylor Hannaberry

Role: Weather reporters


JP Cheslowitz

Role: Sports reporter


Jake Diamond and Ryan Walker

Role: Sports scriptwriters


Dan Wegman and Sean Frers

Role: Cameramen


Ryan Wilson

Role: Cell phone reporter.


Jill Leavey

Role: Media Club president: oversees the BHS media empire, including Along with Taylor Hannaberry, Anthony Chiaramonte, Mallory Wilson, Tina Lopipiero, Mr. Malossi, Mr. Davis, Sam Perkowsky, JP Cheslowitz, Jake Diamond, Ryan Walker, Dan Wegman, Sean Frers, and Brooke Radcliffe, Jill writes the script for the morning news.



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