Why Does Everyone Hate Nickelback?


Remember Uggs? They were boots literally named for being ugly. Yet every girl from ages 5-25 proudly sported a pair, and some still do. Most people loved Uggs simply because everyone else did.

We at The Eagle’s Cry believe this is what happened with hating Nickelback, a super-popular, early 2000’s hard rock band. Some of their songs are really catchy and fun to listen to, but once someone said they hated the band, it seemed the whole world hated them too.

It’s a common thing in society recently to just hop on the hater bandwagon on everything. People ridiculed Miley Cyrus for her 2013 VMA performance, so everyone began to hate Miley. No one wants to stand out on a topic if their opinion differs from the majority.

Nickelback is a band created in 1995 in Canada, classified as a “rock band.” They have top hits like “Photograph,” “Never Again,” and “Rockstar,” all extremely catchy and enjoyable to listen to, and all hated by the majority of the public. Chad Kroeger is constantly detested by the public, but is there any real reason?

“My sister and I grew up to them; they’re my childhood,” sophomore Lanna Delaney shared.

There are many students just like Lanna in our school who have a genuine love of Nickelback, many of these students are simply afraid to voice their opinions because a lot of the time, they will be judged and looked at strangely for loving the band that everyone seems to hate.

Personally, we also love Nickelback. We grew up listening to them. I, Val Kress, have fond memories of my mother, my brothers, and I jamming out to “Rockstar” during long car rides. We have come to the conclusion that everyone hates Nickelback solely because everyone else hates them too.

BHS Teacher, Ms. Sestak, disagrees completely. She is able to pinpoint the exact reason why she hates them.

“Their music doesn’t fit in a genre, and there’s no place for them in the world. They’re fake metal and fake Christian rock,” Ms. Sestak said. She hates Nickelback because she genuinely doesn’t like their music. But, if you ever ask someone why they hate Nickelback and they answer, “Because they’re Nickelback,” they most likely have never heard a song.

So before you jump on the Nickelback-hating-bandwagon, listen to a song, then tell us what it is about them that you truly hate.