My Obsession With Bacon


My obsession with Bacon began at about age three. That’s right, it’s capitalized. Because I’m talking about Kevin Bacon, the illustrious Hollywood star of over 75 films.

The fact that someone’s last name was ACTUALLY bacon entertained me to no end. The love began after I saw Footloose. It’s not like it was even a childhood crush, my infatuation with him was solely because of his name.

Every time we’d have eggs and bacon for breakfast, the mere mention of the word set me off. I’d run around the house screaming Kevin Bacon’s name at the top of my lungs, laughing until I collapsed on the ground due to physical exhaustion.

I cannot precisely pinpoint why I love Kevin Bacon. The only movie of his I have ever seen is Footloose. I just plan to meet him one day.

Senior Kelsey McGuggart understands the fascination. “He is a very good actor and just seems like a cool guy all around. I can see the obsession.” Now that she has been opened up to the Bacon lifestyle, we are determined: we will meet Kevin Bacon.

Today, my obsession has toned down somewhat. That was, however until recently when I found out Kevin Bacon had a band called the “Bacon Brothers.” After further research, my partners, Laura Russo and Kelsey McGuggart, and I, discovered that the brothers were playing a show only 20 minutes away at the Tilles Center on February 5.

We plan to buy tickets and finally achieve my childhood goal of meeting Kevin Bacon. Just so you know, kids, anything is possible if you put your mind (and your money) toward it.