BHS TV Goes LIVE with Morning Announcements and Daily News


On December 23rd, BHS went live with morning announcements filmed in the BHS TV studio and live-streamed on YouTube. Teachers played the segments on the SmartBoards for all students.

Mr. Malossi, who teaches Broadcast Journalism and plays a big part in the morning announcements, said, “At some point, teachers and administrators will be able to type announcements into a web-based program and we will deliver them right away. We’ll also be recapping BHS games, doing pre-taped segments—all in four minutes and thirty seconds, with Pledge and the Creed.”

These live morning announcements have many positives, and students agree. Jill Leavey said, “Hopefully the morning announcements will cut down the confusion of hearing a thousand announcements during class changes.”

In the frenzied daily rush of the BHS hallways during class changeovers, it’s hard for us to hear announcements. Live morning announcements provide a time when everyone can listen to information they need—instead of asking about it after school.

When this was mentioned to Mr. Malossi, he told us, “a visual medium—rather than just an auditory medium—is more attractive to the audience. With fewer or no other announcements during the day, kids will pay attention.”

If you want to get involved with the production of these broadcasts, sign up for Media club or join Broadcast Journalism (perhaps changing names to TV Production and Broadcasting next year). See Mr. Malossi or Mr. Davis in the academic center for details.