Jury Still Out on King Lundquist


Madison Square Garden explodes with excitement after a phenomenal save by the New York Rangers star goaltender, the King, Henrik Lundqvist. One can only watch in awe as the sea of blue surrounding the ice ignites, supporting the Rangers’ all-time goaltending leader in wins.

Before winning the Vezina Trophy in 2012, Lundqvist had been nominated in each of his first three seasons, and he is the only goaltender in NHL history to record 30 wins in each of his first seven seasons.

It’s safe to say that most Ranger fans love Lundqvist. Looking into the crowd at the garden, Lundqvist jerseys are seen everywhere. The crowd consistently chants, “Henry…Henry…” after he makes a great save.

Ranger fan and BHS junior Leo Karapetyan said, “There is a reason they call him the King, he always comes out on top sitting on the thrown of New York.” Lundqvist definitely performs better statistically when playing at the garden, according to nhl.com.

Some BHS hockey fans have negative feelings about Lundqvist, however. Islander fan, Nick Marotta said, “Once he comes to the island, the princess needs to leave his five-hole at the door.”
Just for the record, Lundqvist lost three games against the Islanders last season until he was injured and backup Goaltender Cam Talbot took over, defeating the Islanders in their last two meetings of the season.

Most Bethpage High School hockey fans already know the opinion of the art teacher Mr. Destefano about his favorite team’s goaltender. Strangely, Lundqvist is likely the most-hated athlete in Mr. D’s world. When asked his opinion on “King Henrik,” Mr. D just smirked and asked for some time to construct a response. Finally, Mr. D answered:

“He’s a totally overrated goaltender, who has provided himself a marketable platform, but only utilizing form over substance,” Mr. D said. “Jonathan Quick has stolen two cups and the Rangers–who led the league in blocked shots–have a goalie who basks in his glorious fame, but still has a trophy case yawning for the most important hardware. He patents his ‘King Collection’ and does frivolous shows like ‘The Mask,’ but never acts like a teammate and relies upon apologists to solidify his place among the elite with nothing other than seasonal stats.”

But Mr. D wasn’t done. “Lundquist is also treated so gingerly by a sports media complex frightened to offend New York’s ‘franchise’ player. Enough is enough–for 12 years running, this man has been in the spotlight, and frankly, this 60-watt persona is burning out the patience and hopes of the Ranger’s faithful.”

Ultimately, the New York Rangers have had Henrik Lundqvist as a goaltender for very long and probably will still enjoy his performances for years to come. No one wants to win the Stanley Cup more than King Henry, and only time will tell if his dream will come true.