Alumni Return to BHS


Val Kress and Laura Russo

On Wednesday, November 25, graduates of the class of 2015 returned for Bethpage’s annual Alumni Day. After dispersing to all points of the compass for about three months, Bethpage’s alumni from all over the country flocked back to the high school that gave them their starts. Crying, hugging, and bagel-eating ran wild at the Alumni breakfast.

Almost all of the class of 2015 came back to see their friends and family for Thanksgiving. The morning started off with a bagel breakfast for the alumni, and then they walked around the school, visiting old teachers and old high school friends.

For current high school seniors, it felt odd not being the oldest in the school again. Senior Lauren Bloom said, “It was nice to see everyone, but to be honest, it was a little overwhelming seeing the old seniors in the halls and classrooms again.”

Alumnus Nicole Romano had nothing but positive feelings about returning to her beloved high school.

When asked about the comparison between the coursework in high school and college she said, “When I was in high school, everything seemed difficult, like it was the end of the world. College makes the work I did here seem like nothing.”

Many other seniors had the same opinion, feeling overwhelmed at the start of their college experience but ultimately well prepared by their experience at Bethpage High School.