Bloom’s Guide to the Best of the Internet: The Peanut Butter Kid


I suppose many of you know who the “Peanut Butter Kid” is. If you don’t: he was made famous by his older sister, who completely covered him in peanut butter. This baby boy is now being made into memes and added into songs.

Although I should be an expert on the topic of Bloom’s Taxonomy–but I’m not–the little girl did reach the top tier of the pyramid…which is to create. I mean, she did use her imagination. But, I’m not sure if she comprehended the second tier, which is to understand. I guess she didn’t understand that you are supposed to eat peanut butter and not cover your baby brother in it.

The Peanut Butter Kid has just recently became popular–within the past few days. Some love him and others are completely disgusted that he is covered head-to-toe in a full jar of peanut butter. The fairly new Twitter account @penutbutterkid (I know it’s misspelled, not my fault) has skyrocketed the boy to fame. Some have even autotuned his voice into songs. You have to see it to believe it.

The internet has many strange fads and sensations, who knows what will be the next “big thing?” Until then, don’t cover yourself in peanut butter… seriously, don’t.