IO Hawk or Handlebar-less Segway?


A current up-and-coming trend is something called the “IO Hawk.” Prepare to be amazed, Bethpage. These machines have been heralded as the “…the next evolution in the way we move,” according to its creators.

Named as one of the top ten coolest coolest products at CES 2015, it is no wonder that these products are flying off the shelves and selling out online (Where to Buy). To buy the actual IO Hawk from would cost around $1,800. To many, that is a completely ridiculous price; it should be accessible at a cheaper price, right? In fact, it is slightly cheaper (realistically only $200-300) at

“That just priced me out of the market,” said BHS English teacher Mr. Malossi.

However, there are even better options; the buyer just would not be getting the IO Hawk namebrand. Currently the “Monorover” sells for around $500-600, a significantly cheaper price for almost the exact same product.

As the year progresses, I have begun to see more and more of these “hoverboards” and quite frankly it makes me extremely angry. Number one: they are called hoverboards, but they don’t even hover–they’re on wheels! Why are they referred to as something they’re not? Maybe I would like them if they were actually true to their name, but it is literally a segway without handlebars.  

Opinions on the latest toy vary greatly. There are many people like me who find the IO Hawk to be annoying and a nuisance, and completely unnecessary, but there are also people who find them fascinating. I feel that if they were truly hoverboards, the opinions would all be the same as the latter. but considering the truth, it is easy to find them stupid and nonessential in our society today.

Nicole Ferone considers these toys “funny looking, yet cool,” and Nicole is hopeful that she will receive one for Christmas.

Every day after school, I see underclassmen riding their “hoverboards” home… I just do not understand. First of all, they’re dangerous and these kids are not wearing any protective gear, the IO Hawk’s can only go over cracks in the sidewalk or curb less than a half of an inch tall, so are is the rider supposed to just get off and walk around something that is taller than a half an inch…basically every elevation in the sidewalk? It just does not make sense, it would be easier to just continue with today’s modes of transport rather than add this one that is pointless.

Maybe one day we will actually create a true hoverboard. But for now, the IO Hawk is a waste of space in our world. When there are other technological advances, we should be focusing on, we should not be stuck on a fake hoverboard.