The White Tees Pump Up Bethpage Volleyball


Laura Russo and Valerie Kress

On Monday, November second, many members of the senior class collected in the stands of the Bethpage High School gym to support the boys volleyball team during their “senior game” against Lawrence. This was the boys’ last home game and a must-win for playoffs. The school’s famous “white tees” filled the student section of the gym, bringing an amazing energy to the game and pushing the team to a three game victory.

The hype at this game was nothing like this reporter has ever seen before at a high school game. Even the fans at the home football games could not parallel the noise levels reverberating through the gym. Jumping up and down in the stands, taking part in the cheers, I really felt an overwhelming sense of school spirit and community.

One of the varsity volleyball team’s seniors, Joe Landers, commented on the support of the fans, saying, “It was amazing having that many people out there supporting us. They helped pick us up when we made mistakes, gave us more energy on the court, and really got into [the other team’s] heads.”

Captain Anthony Regateiro said, “I thought that all of the fans were overwhelmingly supportive and really helped us keep the fire on the court. They made us play to the best of our abilities.”

The loud, enthusiastic cheers of the fans not only pumped up the whole team, but everyone in the stands got way more into it. Bethpage Student Council president and volleyball fan, Joe Tierney, said, “It was an awesome night as the atmosphere was amazing and the chants were motivating everybody in the gym.”

Even people who were not typical volleyball fans could have enjoyed this game. Senior, Val Kress said, “I don’t really understand the rules of volleyball, but even I was able to get into it and feel the energy of the team.”

The white tees and the spirited students at BHS are all very excited to cheer on Bethpage at the next big sporting event. It is really great for me to feel this school spirit during my senior year and to experience the positive energy of this town before we go our separate ways.