SAFE Halloween Scares Bethpage Silly


On Friday the 23rd, Bethpage High School held its annual “Safe Halloween” event. During this event, the various clubs at the high school decorate a classroom for the elementary school kids to “trick-or-treat” through. The clubs usually have a theme and an activity for the kids to do, and most importantly, they have candy.

The main attraction of Safe Halloween is Ms. Way’s Philosophy Club Haunted Hallway. This year the theme was “Welcome to the CarnEVIL,” so this would definitely instill a fear of clowns in these young kids. The entire hallway was not clowns though. The parts varied from a fortune teller, medusa, “human whack-a-moles,” siamese twins, to even a bearded lady.

I was in the Human Whack-a-Mole room, and by this point in the hallway even the “tough” kids were starting to get scared. Participants would scream out to the kids begging them to “save us” and “take us away from the scary clown hitting us.” Some kids definitely believed it was real.

Kelsey McGuggart said, “One kid really believed it, and he started to drag me across the desk to ‘save’ him!”

Senior Val Kress said, “I thought it was very well-done and well-executed this year. It really is a great way to give young kids a safe Halloween experience.”

The Safe Halloween tradition at Bethpage High School was a great success and will hopefully continue for years to come.