BHS Eagles’ Hockey Prepares for Opener Nov. 8


Zach Zapata, Sports Reporter

Bethpage High School, home of the Bethpage varsity ice hockey team, is preparing for its home opener against Long Beach on Sunday, November 8 and its first away game against Cold Spring Harbor on November 11.

After a disappointing season last year, the Eagles lost key seniors Kenny Cafiero and Sean Siblano, they gained a number of new pieces that should cover up the loss. Freshmen Kevin Williams and Matt Salerno are expected to grow into major roles on the team in future years; Sean Frers is a junior who plays soccer but has always played hockey and joined the team just this season; Trevor Salerno, a senior who played for Bethpage on the middle school team, returned to the team this year after playing Catholic school and juniors hockey.

The Bethpage varsity hockey roster is as follows:



Richard Muller

Trevor Salerno

Mike Cochrane

Jake Giacopelli

Mike Barelli

Greg Barelli

Chris Powers

Trevor Buffalino

           Bobby Murtha

Sean Frers

Jason Francavilla

Gavin Hulser

Vincent LoBosco

Alex Freedman

Matt Salerno

Mark Bellando


                 Steven Sciglibaglio                  Anthony Regateiro                  Zach Zapata

                 Leo Karapetyan

                 Sean Coveney

                 Will Dixson

                 Kevin Williams

           Phillip Rapaglia            Spyro Markoulis


Optimism has been circulating through the Eagles’ veins. Junior forward Bobby Murtha explained, “We are obviously going to be better than last season, and we have a good chance at making states if we win the games we need to win and put up a fight against the tougher teams.”

In order to make states, the Eagles will need to finish the season with a .500 record or better. It will not be easy, but the Eagles are up for the challenge.

Defenseman Leo Karapetyan when asked a common question on hockey teams–whether or not the team will be stronger offensively or defensively–he answered, “Well, I think it’s going to be a mix. Obviously being a defenseman, I hope that our defense will be dominant, but I do believe that our forwards this year will be able to put the puck in the net just as easy as we defensemen will keep [the puck] out.”

Led by new captains Steven Sciglibaglio and Anthony Regateiro, the Bethpage Eagles are looking to forward to a strong season filled with many victories this winter.