BHS Predictions for America’s Team


Laura Russo, Head Editor

After a promising 2-0 start to the season, the Dallas Cowboys have lost their star quarterback, Tony Romo, and wide receiver, Dez Bryant, due to injuries. The team is now on a two game losing streak with their backup QB, Brandon Weeden, leading the team.

The two wins of the season were luckily against two of the team’s division rivals, the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles. During the Giants game in Week 1, Bryant injured his foot and had to undergo surgery to have screws put in. Fortunately, he is expected to return Week 7.  In the third quarter of the Eagles game, Romo got sacked and fractured his collarbone on contact with the ground. It has been reported that Romo will miss 8 weeks of this season and be back Week 11.

Fellow Cowboys fan, Lauren Bloom, said, “They definitely lost two key players, but they are not playing too terribly. Hopefully the injured players will come back strong, and maybe they’ll win a few games.”

Not only will the Cowboys be coming off of a 2 game losing streak next week, but they will be playing against the defending Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots. The Patriots won’t have to deflate any balls to win this game, the probability of Dallas winning this game is actually laughable.

BHS senior, Ryan Mercer, agrees, “It’s going to be a tough game not having their big time stars.”

Steven Sciglibaglio was a little more optimistic saying, “Without Tony Romo, passing game may struggle, but I think that if Weeden completes the short passes, and they run the ball well, they should be able to score a good amount of points.”

Val Kress added to the conversation, commenting, “Sports yeah! I like football boys.”

Are the Cowboys playoff chances completely shot? Not necessarily. Though they did lose to the 0-3 Saints last week, Dez should be coming back soon enough to help lead the team to a few more “W’s.” By the second half of the season, both Romo and Bryant should be back and healthy and all balance in the world will be restored.