BHS Gets Peppy – The 2015 BHS Pep Rally


On Friday, September 18th, Bethpage High School celebrated its annual pep rally. At seven p.m., students, faculty and family of all ages flooded the Bethpage football field to cheer on our school’s teams in their current and upcoming seasons.

Pep rally is a tradition among schools across the country, and pep rally in Bethpage creates a unity within not only our school, but within our town as well. This jolt of excitement spread throughout the student body on Friday night.

Allison Gunning said, “Pep rally is a way for the student body to unite, for all of the grades to feel more together, and I love it!”

“I love going to pep rally every year! I really love the overwhelming sense of school spirit that it brings,” said senior Val Kress.

Girls and boys soccer, tennis, ice hockey, swim, track & field, cheerleading, kickline, girls and boys volleyball, and football all came out Friday night to talk about upcoming games and their hard work and dedication and to urge the people of Bethpage to come out to support them this season.

The football team performed their famous skits, some players acted as penguins doing the infamous “whip and nae nae,” another was dressed as a gorilla chasing two bananas around the field. There was the usual “parents” pulling their “children” around in wagons, and a group of players even dressed as Plainedge Red Devils, causing an uproar within the stands–and a resulting sense of camaraderie erupted in the crowd of Golden Eagles fans.

A word to the (future) wise: never miss the BHS pep rally, as you only get four throughout your high school years.