High Five BYE-Day? May 29 Comes and Goes Without High-Fives


ED NOTE: Since this story was added, Mr. Tocco announced that June 12, 2015 will be the last High Five Friday of the year. Rejoice!


On Friday, May 29, Bethpage High School not only let us down, they took our hearts out of our chests and stomped on them. High Five Friday, a wildly popular new tradition created in March set to take place in the lobby on the last friday of every month proceeding, including a DJ, breakfast, and LOTS of high fives was sadly…forgotten?

Unfortunately, we don’t know the reason just of yet why this amazing day simply didn’t happen. No announcement made. No letter sent home. No tweet from the awesome @TheEaglesCryBHS twitter account.

“I’m shocked,” BHS track star Katie Meaney explained. “No one saw this coming. I’m hurt…. I’m really hurt.” As we continued our interview, the BHS senior couldn’t take the heartache from this traumatic situation as she left in tears, whimpering, “I’m just not ready to talk about this!”

Another senior, Noelle Grassel chimed in, stating, “High Five Friday wasn’t just a day to motivate you for the rest of the day or weekend to come, but it was also an amazing conversation starter.” She went on, “When you start giving strangers high fives, you eventually feel more comfortable talking to them and making more friends. Thank you “High Five Friday” for letting me meet new friends.”
Well there you have it…. The end of the year is here and now we were robbed of our last HFF. If it wasn’t such a good thing, we wouldn’t miss it so much. PLEASE, administration, give us our last High Five Friday ever on June 12!!