NBA Finals Preview: A BHS Perspective


After an exciting-yet-controversial season, the NBA Finals are set, and sports fans at BHS are buzzing. The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers look to make their fans proud by bringing the Larry O’Brien Championship trophy to their respective cities.

If you were to ask anybody on the street prior to the season if they thought Golden State and Cleveland would’ve made the NBA Finals, they would’ve said “you’re crazy.” Critics argued that Cleveland wasn’t going to make it because the team as a whole was not ready to make a deep playoff run.
Other Sports pundits believed the acquisition of Lebron James and Kevin Love alongside Kyrie Irving would not work right away because they would need time for their player chemistries to coincide.

On the other hand, critics argued that Golden State was too young and inexperienced to make a finals appearance and was only a matter of time their three-point shooting wouldn’t work.

The haters have been proven wrong.

“Golden State has not faced any adversity all season,” said BHS senior and NBA specialist Timmy Charles. “The Warriors have been the most dominant and smooth team I’ve ever seen.”

What makes this finals matchup interesting is that both teams are polar opposites in their offensive execution. Golden State is a one-dimensional team that looks for the three-pointer whenever possible. The “Splash Brothers,” Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, are the best backcourt and three-point shooters in the NBA. Cleveland, on the other hand, plays with a more traditional, physical, offensive approach. The Cavaliers don’t settle for bad shots and, most of the time, will drive the ball inside to get easy points. This finals matchup is a battle between modern and traditional basketball styes.

“I can’t believe Lebron may actually get another title,” said BHS senior Will Pilc. “I’m pulling for Golden State just because I’ll never hear the end of Lebron’s third ring.”

The NBA finals begin on June 4th.