Senior Awards Ceremony Bestows Plaudits on the Deserving


On the evening of May 28th, 2015, BHS seniors were awarded for all of their hard work throughout their four years at the school at the prestigious Senior Awards ceremony.  More than half of the seniors in the high school received a letter a few weeks before saying they were invited to the senior awards.

At 7:00 pm, Bethpage seniors found themselves on stage looking out at their families in the audience.  Both students and parents had no idea what they were winning. This was done to “surprise the students,” according to BHS Principal Mr. Spence.

The event kicked off with a brilliant speech by Michelle Cirillo who later told The Eagle’s Cry that she was informed about the speech only the day before. The audience seemed to share the opinion that she did a fine job on short notice.

According to Bethpage senior Nick Tangorra, “It was a nice night to honor the many talents here at Bethpage High School.”

Yes, the event ran long, but in the end it was worth it.  After two and a half hours sitting on the stage, even the shortest speeches said either made students smile or come close to tears. Many found humor in teacher Mr. Lynch’s speeches because he was nervous. While sitting on stage, I realized that I should not have worn a long-sleeved shirt because it got very warm on stage with the lights.

When the night was over, everyone on stage walked away with at least one award.  Others, including our senior class valedictorian, Harshil Garg, and salutatorian, Josh Rosenheck, walked away with armfuls.

May 28th was a night we seniors won’t forget.  It was wonderful to join other seniors to prove that we are not the “generation who only cares about their phones.” Although, a few of us tweeted out the awards as we received them and snapchatted selfies relentlessly. Even still, this was a night appreciated by all.