Senioritis: Fact or Fiction?


The concept of “senioritis” has plagued high schoolers and teachers for perhaps hundreds of years. From the beginning of their freshman years, seniors are always being warned about the lengthy naps, lack of motivation, and slippage of grades they might experience during the last quarter (half?) of senior year.  Here at The Eagle’s Cry, we decided to investigate by interviewing a group of current Bethpage seniors and teachers to see whether or not it truly exists.   (Disclaimer: All quotes were kept anonymous)


  • ”After AP week, my school year is basically over.”
  • “Senioritis does exist.  I have had it since the beginning of Junior Year.”
  • “The only thing that gave me any motivation at all this year was getting into college.”
  • “Transitioning from junior to senior year lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.  I have so much less to do, which is good, because I have no motivation to do anything.”


  • “I do think senioritis is real because I have it, but I’m in for a real reality check when I get my work in college next year.”
  • “Oh it’s real.”
  • “I think senioritis is real, but not as serious as everyone makes it out to be.  I still make time to finish all my homework and study for tests.”
  • “Many of the seniors seem to keep a good work ethic throughout the year, but towards the end of the year, it is very clear they are ready for graduation.”


After speaking to many seniors and teachers, we have concluded unanimously that here at Bethpage High School, “senioritis” cannot be categorized with such great legends as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster…because it is in fact real.  To many of the top students at BHS, grades are still important, and they try to do their best, but the effort that they put into their schoolwork, homework, and overall attitude towards school changes in the waning months of senior year.

Attendance also changes.  Those who in previous years have only had a minimal number of absences seem to have had a change of heart, participating in the famous “Senior Cut Day” once the weather gets nice. Here at The Eagle’s Cry, we by no means condone this type of behavior, but we can’t help but feel a tiny sniffle coming on…