Jump on the Bandwagon: Your Guide to Warped Tour 2015


An actual picture from Jennies phone at the Warped Tour 2014

Warped Tour 2015 is on its way.

Yes it true, only a few weeks remain to prepare for rock n roll madness. Vans will officially kick-start the iconic Vans Warped Tour June 17th in Anchorage, AK, but maybe writing about it will make the summer come faster.

For those who don’t know what Warped Tour is, here is a little summary for you: it’s the largest traveling music festival in USA. The bands and crew travel from state to state playing on portable stages in fields and major-venue parking lots from June through August. Up to 100 bands normally play on this tour. The founder, Kevin Lyman, started this event in 1994. Since then, thousands of bands have played on the Warped Tour. Generally, this event is for rock or hardcore bands, but in recent years the organizers like to mix up the festival with DJs and rappers.

As a first time Warped attendee, there are a few things you need to make sure to bring and know. What is on top of that list is WATER. Do not forget this. Vendors sell water bottles at the show for about five dollars,expensive for something crucial in the sweltering summer heat. Second: sunblock. Not the weak 10 SPF that people use to get a nice tan; get at least 50 SPF, especially if you are a person who burns easily, like this reporter.

“Wear a lot of sunblock. I don’t care how you ‘don’t burn,’ wear it. Just slap some on there.” says BHS senior Brianna Lydon, a Warped Tour veteran.  Sunglasses would probably be a good idea, but bring a cheap pair, just in case of they gets lost or smashed in a mosh pit. Dress light and comfortable for the hot weather. Jeans are not a good idea because it gets so hot, especially in the crowd, while a band is playing. Please for the love of God, DO NOT WEAR FLIP-FLOPS. Your feet are going to get stepped on a lot, and you might even lose them. If you plan on going into the crowd, your feet will get all beat up, so wear comfy sneakers or boots.

When you get to the venue, or rather the “parking lot,” waiting on the line isn’t going to the that much fun. People will constantly ask you to listen to their music or text a number for free stuff. I think one of my favorite things is making “one-day-friends,” just those people you meet and talk music with, finding out who they are going to see. It’s something everyone there can connect with, especially at this festival. It’s always cool to see the viewpoints of others about a band you love. After a while, they start letting people in. They say the “doors” open around 10 AM,  but they actually open around 10:30. After the security and ticket check, finally you’re in the concert.

There are a few dangers at Warped Tour. By the stages, a sign reads: “You mosh, you crowd-surf. You get hurt, we get sued. No more Warped Tour.” Which isn’t really a ban, it’s a warning, but a lot of people ignore it. Depending on what artists/bands you plan to see, the violence level differs. The hardcore/metal bands will have many a moshpit. They spread to the majority of the crowd. Remember, you don’t have to fear them; no one is going to force you into one. If you don’t want to be in one, simply move off to the side, and don’t stay in the middle. Everyone at the concert just wants to have fun, and for some, that involves going crazy.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about proper rock-concert etiquette. If you are in the crowd for a band you don’t know, clap for them anyway. Booing them is disrespectful; it takes a great deal of courage to get up on stage before an audience of strangers. Also, during a band’s set, don’t push people out of the way just so you can get closer to the stage. If you see someone trying to get out of a moshpit or crowd, don’t block them, let them through! Two words work as a guide: be respectful.

Bottom line: Warped Tour is so much fun. Though you might be sore when you get home, it’s worth it. I’m really excited for this year.

Brianna shared her favorite moment: “When seeing The Wonder Years, the sky was cloudless, it was hot, with no shade, but then…during the middle of their setlist…it started raining. It was amazing!”

If you’re interested in seeing the lineup for this year’s Warped Tour, you can go to vanswarpedtour.com to check it out.

Jennie or Lobster? A real-life sunburn from Warped Tour '14.
Jennie or Lobster? A real-life sunburn from Warped Tour ’14.