The Eagle's Cry

Andrew Frost

Andrew Frost, Student Life Editor

Born in the Latvian Tundra, Andrew was the son of two potatoless potato farmers. A brilliant child, Frost was a loner, a thinker, a man of ideas. Ideas forbidden in Latvian society. The society in which he worked, the society in which he lived...the society he would set free. One fateful day, Andrew stumbled across the remnants of a “Little Orphan Annie” newspaper strip. Inspired, and with red dress in tow, Andrew set out at sundown towards the one place where he could finally be liberated. Andrew was headed west.

29 years later, now the wealthy owner of an aglet factory, Andrew decided he didn’t like being “the man” and decided to live in a Volkswagen Van. It was a bad idea. Andrew died that day, but his spirit lived on. He now works for the Eagle’s Cry as their Student Life editor.

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Andrew Frost