Farewell Interview with Mrs. Hald


Amalia Lal, Reporter

Mrs. Hald, a beloved English teacher at Bethpage High school, retired last year. Last year, The Eagle’s Cry decided to interview Mrs. Hald one last time. Therefore, her legacy will always be remembered in the school and her students will always remember both her funny personality as well as making her classes interesting to those who take them. 


Eagle’s Cry: What did you like most about working in Bethpage High School?


Mrs. Hald: “Bethpage is a bubble and it is a beautiful bubble. It not only is the community but we produce such an amazing group of students here. It is just something that is a group effort.”


Eagle’s Cry: Was your time here spent well? 


Mrs. Hald: “Absolutely! I am so blessed that I have been a part of Bethpage for over 30 years. It is in my blood.” 


Eagle’s Cry: What will you miss most?


Mrs. Hald: “The students, the teachers, the whole school and the community. I am going to miss the entire community, which also encompasses not only the students, but the teachers, the staff at the school, the parents, and even those who work in the community. It is nice to be a part of Bethpage. ” 


Eagle’s Cry: What will you not miss? 


Mrs. Hald: “Waking up at 5:15 every morning.”


Eagle’s Cry: What is the one memory you have that will stick with you the most? 


Mrs. Hald: “I have so many memories. I think I cherish the trust that the students have in me. Some students have sought me out for advice when they just wanted to talk to somebody. For me that has always been such a compliment, a sacred compliment.”


Eagle’s Cry: Is there anything you would like to say about your experience overall? 


Mrs. Hald: “I count myself as one of the luckiest teachers in the nation that I could be a part of the Bethpage community. I am just so fortunate and so lucky, I count myself blessed.” 


Eagle’s Cry: I could tell you that the students feel the same way when having you as a teacher. What will you do after you retire? 


Mrs. Hald: “Definitely spending a lot of time with my family and especially with my two grandkids. I have a six year old grandson and almost a two year old granddaughter. We will be leaving Long Island to parts unknown. We haven’t quite finalized where we are going but all the kids are fine with it, we are all going together. I also think that I will get back to writing. I’ve written quite a bit before but now I can spend more time focusing on the writing. 


Within her 31 years at Bethpage, Mrs. Hald will not be forgotten. The long lasting impact that she has on her students makes her an amazing teacher who has also taught for 33 years. We thank her for all that she has done at the school as well as the amazing things she has taught her students.