How Seniors are Handling Quarantine: An Interview with Bryan Hanley

How Seniors are Handling Quarantine: An Interview with Bryan Hanley

Michael Hanley, Reporter

Today, I spoke with Bryan Hanley, a fellow Bethpage Golden Eagle and member of the graduating class of 2020. 


The Eagle’s Cry: Nice of you to take an interview, Mr. Hanley. I understand you’re pretty busy. 

Bryan Hanley: Michael, we literally live together and I cannot leave the house. I have nowhere else to be. 


The Eagle’s Cry: Good point. How have you been handling Quarantine? 

Bryan Hanley: It’s been okay. It’s unfortunate that spring sports got canceled, but we need to keep our heads up. 


The Eagle’s Cry: Don’t you think that’s hard to do these days? Many believe we’ve been cheated out of Senior year. 

Bryan Hanley: True, but we need to understand that the teachers and administrative staff at the high school [Bethpage High School] are trying their best to give us the best experience possible. I know it sucks, but we have to deal with it the best we could. 


The Eagle’s Cry: What have you been doing to deal with Quarantine boredom? 

Bryan Hanley: I’ve been getting ready for college mostly. I’m playing Lacrosse at Babson University, so I’ve been practicing almost every day at the field. The high school may be closed but the track is still open-now is the perfect time to get active! 


The Eagle’s Cry: That’s good. Any advice for the rest of us? 

Bryan Hanley: Stay positive. The storm will pass and soon we will all celebrate our achievements properly. 


The Eagle’s Cry: Thank you, Bryan. Great Advice.