Move! Get Out the Way!


Navneet Kaur, Editor

The school bell has rung. Students have 3 to 4 minutes to reach their next classes. Some merely need to travel across the hall, while others have to scurry over to the social studies wing from the science wing. Unfortunately, this short trip has become a tedious voyage with many students immoderately taking up hallway space.

Socializing with companions comprises an essential and important part of student life. But, discussing class experiences and exchanging homework and test information can wait. The cafeteria serves as a great location to converse. Students can relax and enjoy a wonderful conversation as they joyfully indulge in their meals. Also, text messaging through phones before classes start exists as another method of acceptable communication.

But what if students cannot meet their friends during lunch hours? Discussions can also be held before and after school, away from pathways and doors. Clubs and after school activities stand as great events for social interaction as well. Besides, hallway grouping is just plain rude; struggling to move around a friend circle is annoying. Join the same clubs, groupers!

Such hallway loitering is not the only contributing cause to packed hallways. Dozens of imbeciles text while walking in the halls, resulting in a horde of intemperately slow walkers occupying valuable space. Hundreds of students walk across the halls simultaneously; motion is already made difficult. Unless one is in grave danger at the moment, the memes and photos can wait. With every student messaging while leisurely ambling, a multitude of students risk lateness to class, which brings them one step closer to detention.

Filling the hallways with friend circles and slow walkers impedes hallway traffic. Do not be a hallway space hog. Make room!